Review: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower by Charles Yallowitz

prodigy  Rating: 5 Stars

Once again, I am impressed with Charles Yallowitz’s storytelling as well as his ability to bring something new   to the table with each turn of the page. Prodigy of a Rainbow tower surpasses its predecessor, Beginning of a Hero, and lures the reader into a lush world of adventure and magic.

I am not often a fan of sequels (in a series, I usually jump favorites from book 1 to 3) but Prodigy is an exception. Aside from characters and plot, I just love seeing the writing style develop. Rather than lose his voice halfway through, as tends to happen with some authors, Yallowitz remains strong until the end. Prodigy is definitely not an “in between” booklet. It is definitely a must-read.

This series is very enticing to the active reader who is seeking to get lost in a story. I find myself even enjoying Luke Callindor’s character a bit more (don’t get your ego puffed up too much, Luke) as he continues to grow and is fleshed out.

I am very eager to see where this series is headed. Charles Yallowitz has my full attention and a place on my shelves.


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