5 thoughts on “Orcs and Aliens Logo Release! Also, why is Cy awake at 4am?

  1. Are those words written across the eyeball in your logo? The contrast is not high enough for me to read what it says–the first one looks like it could be an “O”, and the last one is probably an “s”, so I’m assuming it says “Orcs and Aliens” since that’s the name of the project. But I have one of the more common forms of partial color blindness, and the middle of the image is pretty much a blob to me.

    Just my observation. If you want to make color-blind friendly images, you can try converting them to greyscale and seeing if you can still read the text.

    • I’m sorry it was so difficult to read – I’m working on a revision that I hope will be easier on the eyes. My coworker suggested that we might even lose the words altogether.

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