New Blog Look, New Author Website!

Hello my darlings,

As you can see, my blog recently underwent a makeover. I’m hoping that this kind of look is more visually appealing, you know, not quite so harsh as the last few have been. What prompted this change, you might ask? Funny, that, because it would seem that I decided to give my official website a full makeover, and the blog sort of tied in with the package.


To visit my website, click on the banner!

As you can see, I am shooting for this whole ‘professional’ look that people keep telling me about. I think I am inching a little bit closer every day. I just cannot wait until I am wealthy enough (heh) to purchase my own domain name and not have such complicated URL’s!

I originally was not going to stick around with I wasn’t very satisfied with them in the beginning, but I suppose that is my own fault and my desire to not spend longer than an hour or two working on a website. Well, the one that you (hopefully) clicked on the banner and saw took me several hours (I finished at 11:30 or so, I started at around … 6, I think). Mind you, I took a break for dinner in between, so factor that out and – I’m really bad at math, that’s why I’m a writer. But I’m sure you can figure it out.

Where was I? Oh yes, Wix. So, after doing some research (and becoming insanely jealous over the other pretty author websites that I saw), I finally picked one that I wanted to be my model layout-wise and set to work on my own. It was a pain but I think it came out worth it, in the end.

Other than that, we’ve been running around trying to get ready for the yard sale (intended to help fund our wedding) that is coming up in a few weeks. I did find my old iPod and I spent a good couple hours perfecting my iTunes list last night. Then today I went into a gamer store I didn’t even know we had (it’s called Gamer’s Haven) and ended up talking to the owner for 40 minutes whilst he counted out my plethora of Magic the Gathering cards, deciding which ones he wanted to buy.

I also discovered that I own a LOT of books. I had forgotten exactly how many, and now I am wondering how they all fit in my room. Did you know that at one point in my high school career I owned upwards of 700 books? True story. I’ve had to cut down my collection considerably, seeing as how we are moving into the new apartment in August and alack-the-day, I will not have room for them all. I’m not even certain I will have a bookshelf to be honest. I may have to cobble the bookshelves out of the books. We will see.

I haven’t done any work (aside from the website) since yesterday afternoon and I am starting to feel the toll of laziness. When your body just falls into “bleh” mode and the stress / anxiety levels are kicked in on high, and you are convinced that if you eat just one more taco from Taco Bell then everything will be all right and you will not, indeed, end up like Gilbert Grape’s mother.

These are the things that occupy the space of my brain near midnight, when I have no snippets or book updates to share.

I should be sending some snippets of The Hollow Living your way soon, however. So be on the lookout! I’m still wondering when I should do a cover reveal for “The Dragoloth Compendium”.

Your most adored,




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