I write for really good-looking people

Hello my darlings

It is a lazy Sunday. I don’t really want to get anything done. I need to drink some Passionflower tea and calm myself down, probably, before I even attempt anything. It has just been an incredibly shitty weekend I need to feel like I can bounce back on Monday or else, I am screwed.


The Orcs and Aliens logo I have been working on. Not a final draft, probably, we’ll see.


I have been doing work on the magazine and on the publishing company, in general. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there is to do but I will feel infinitely better once we can start moving some things out of the way. I am also working on putting together a draft of the magazine to take around and show to possible local vendors who may wish to invest in advertising (and stock a few copies, mayhap?). So we will see how that goes. Meanwhile, getting the draft together in as of itself has proved an odious task. I have designed a literary magazine before, but the only program on my stepdad’s computer that I could use is Microsoft Word. So I might want to pinch my fiance’s computer for a short time and see if I can’t get it done in something slightly more advanced / easier to manipulate. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT, wait until I have my own laptop again. Hopefully after my birthday…. keep your fingers crossed.

I have more Hollow Living to write. I haven’t written in a few days because I have been under a ton of stress (lots of family matters going on, dontcha know) plus, Meridith is next up on my list of victims. And since he is based off of somebody and Pharun is based off of me, and the two of us are not very happy with each other at the moment … let’s just say I can’t afford to lose him this early in the book, so I am kind of holding off until I feel like I can write for him without taking out his other eye.

But I did get some more character designs done on Hero Machine for The Dragoloth Compendium (still waiting on that better name suggestion!). I did Meridith, Jarian, and Eireann Turtem last night. They are all up on my personal Facebook right now, and I am considering clogging up my author’s page with a few main ones. But we’ll see.

The lesson to be learned from that small gallery is that I suck at designing women. Also, I try way too hard to make people look vaguely related. Although I must admit, that one is one damn good-looking family.

I have some more work to do, so I probably shouldn’t be kicking my heels too long. I’ll come back with more later!

Your most adored,



2 thoughts on “I write for really good-looking people

    • When you place yourself on a pedestal make sure you have balance. Because if you turn your back on those that love you you have no one to keep you steady when others show there true agenda

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