So Much to Do!

Hello my darlings,

Days have been busy, nights have been long. I have been working furiously on all of my projects and trying to make things happen. There is a lot on my plate, but you know that that is how I like it best.

A look at all of the (awesome) upcoming projects I have going on:

  • The first issue of Orcs and Aliens magazine, featuring novel excerpts by Charles Yallowitz and Noemi Betancourt; short stories by Lilith Colbert, Brian Wagner and myself, poems by Lilith Colbert and Jessa Austin Motte, artwork by Roy Cokenour, and all other sorts of things! We are still accepting submissions, so don’t hesitate to send us your novel excerpt/poetry/short story/artwork to
  • 10,000 words into “The Hollow Living”, my goal is 90,000 by August. Can I do it? Of course I can. :p
  • Character designs and information to fill “The Dragoloth Compendium” (I seriously don’t know what else to name it. Got any suggestions?), which while it doesn’t have a release date, may very well have a cover reveal soon!
  • Memorizing one of Titania’s monologues for a Midsummer’s Night Fairy Faire that is coming up on Saturday.
  • Planning a wedding!
  • Considering limited edition (signed) hardcovers of The Dragon’s Disciples, The Heretic Priest, and The Hollow Living.

Again, not a lot, but it’s enough, right? I have a ton more to do. In August I am going to place some orders for hardcopies of The Dragon’s Disciples and The Heretic Priest. Some as promised prizes, some for giveaways, and some for stock in two different stores that I am considering. It’s a start, right? It’s not B&N … yet … but baby steps! 

We are planning on having a huge yardsale on July 6th to help gather up funds for the wedding. Thankfully, I have some wonderful family members who are chipping in where they can, but of course the bulk of it is going to be in venue and such. All of this on top of the fact that daddy needs a new computer by the time school rolls around – not merely for those pesky papers but for the ability to continue to write his next epic novels.

So that is enough talking instead of doing – I am off to go hammer out more progress on all of these projects!

Your most adored,



5 thoughts on “So Much to Do!

    • This is the first time I’ve actually gotten myself together and started doing things since summer started. x_x The Midsummer Night Fairy Faire is a fair being held by local vendors who will be allowed to come out and sort of pimp out their shops / businesses / wares, and there will be entertainment such as dramatic monologues, henna body painting, a cupcake walk, live music, a watermelon exploding competition, a fairy hunt, drumming, fire spinning, and dancing around a fire pit (after dark).

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