So Many Good Things!

Hello my darlings,

There are LOTS of exciting new things that are happening on this end, and they all seem to be flooding in at once! It must be because June is ending. Nobody likes June. Good riddance.

So, where to start? Well, I got permission from the awesome creator of (where I have been rendering all of my character sketches like this one:)

High Priest Felix d'Artion, everybody

High Priest Felix d’Artion, everybody

….To use all of my character sketches in the compendium I have been working on, so that is GREAT. Full-color illustrations? YES please! Some of them I will have to polish up a bit here and there, but right now I am getting all of the rough drafts done, and I have like, a million to do. (Closer to a smidge over 100, but you know). This also means that I can do the cover art and hopefully have that be kickass as well. We shall see, won’t we? The things I can do.

The next awesome thing on the list is that the magazine that my partner and I are starting Orcs and Aliens (still accepting submissions btw!) has gotten some AWESOME art submissions from artist Roy Cokenour (you can find his gallery HERE) and I am more than enthusiastic about how wonderful his work is and how well it fits with the themes of our magazine. Things are just finally beginning to fall into place! Of course, I had to catch up on some late emails (I thought I had sent out submission acceptance emails, when in truth I hadn’t, I had just sent out confirmations! :-/ ) And so if you submitted a piece to me and did NOT get a definite yes/no answer, pllleeaaasee write me an email or leave me a comment letting me know. I am trying to be a good editor! But I guess I’ve got to start keeping up with things a little better.

Speaking of Orcs and Aliens, we keep getting more submissions and more people who are interested in signing on as staff as either editors or steady writers. I just feel like we’re really gonna be able to pull this off. If you are really truly interested in being an editor, or in just becoming one of our on-staff writers, then please email me! If you and I have talked about it and it is something you want to do then yeah, doubly email me either at or, whichever tickles your fancy.

Speaking of emails and things to do, I better get cracking with the other things I have to do before everyone gets home in the next hour or two. Hopefully in addition to more snippets this week, you will get some sneek peeks at the magazine progress, as well as some looks into the compendium and how it is going to be designed! Again, I’m not sure when I am going to release it. The biographies alone contain soooo many spoilers. Maybe I need two volumes? :p

Your most adored,



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