Compendium Compiling

Hello my darlings,

So, I am avoiding work at the moment – which means I SHOULD be doing several things. I should be…

  • Compiling material for my Dragoloth compendium
  • Writing “The Hollow Living”
  • Looking at a monologue that I will have to have memorized by Saturday
  • Answering emails

That’s about it. But isn’t that enough?

But I took a picture of Pharun's bitch face! It was totally worth it!

But I took a picture of Pharun’s bitch face! It was totally worth it!

You have no idea how tempted I am to put that bitchy snarl on the cover of the this compendium.

At any rate… I don’t have much experience with compendiums, personally, so I have no idea how they are generally laid out. Are they typically in alphabetical order? Are they divided into sections? What do YOU think would be easiest to navigate? Any feedback would be appreciated. My idea was to divide up the sections by like, country, characters, religion, etc, and then have the sub-sections, particularly when it comes to the families. I was thinking of having a section for Mahtrador, a section for Ercole, etc. Then there would be history, and lineage, the language, etc…. I have no idea when my “release date” for this project would be. I am focusing primarily on The Hollow Living… but I have so much of this information and material lying around (and it has been around *forever*) that I would love to have some idea of how to start pulling it together.

In other news, The Heretic Priest is doing well for its first free promotion. I was hoping it would pull up The Dragon’s Disciples sales with it, but so far no quite. Although hopefully that is indicative of returning fans who ALREADY own the first book and are happy to devour the second. A guy can dream – yeah?

I will return later, hopefully with your well-deserved daily snippet from The Hollow Living.

Your most adored,



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