Gods of Flesh by Mark T. Shaw – a fresh face in poetry

Gods of Flesh chapbook cover  Hello my darlings!

I am here doing a shameless promotional post for Mark T. Shaw (whose blog can be found HERE). His new book of poetry, entitled Gods of Flesh, is going to be out on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback tomorrow. Gods of Flesh is a powerful work. If you like poetry that deals with the violence, abuse, and pain aspects of relationships just as much as the romance, love, and sex – then this is a perfect read for you. There is also a Greek mythology theme that prevails heavily throughout the work. Thus the title “Gods of Flesh”.

Also, whoever purchases the paperback copy of Gods of Flesh (and can show me a proof of purchase, even if it just a screenshot of the receipt) between now and July 8th will receive a free eBook copy of The Heretic Priest! 😉

Check out Gods of Flesh on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18073034-gods-of-flesh and add it to your “To read” pile today!! It is well worth your while.

Your most adored,


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