I’m Still Alive

Hello my darlings,

No, I am not dead. I have not ceased to exist and I have not been sucked into a wormhole. I just have not, for some reason, been around the internet for, what – a week and a half? Or maybe I have lost all concept of time and it has only been three days. Who knows.

You see, my stepfather has been working from home lately. And since I am as of now suffering without a laptop, I just have not had much computer access. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten much writing done, either. I am a closet notebooker when I need to be but my brain usually works faster than I can write, so it leaves me with a headache and cramped fingers. But that hasn’t stopped me from brainstorming on all sorts of amazing ideas for The Hollow Living. Which I am so incredibly excited for.

What else has been going on? Not much. I have considered releasing The Heretic Priest early, though since I put out Baron of Blood not too long ago I wonder if it would be too soon. But then, I am bored and I am tired of having The Heretic Priest sitting on my desk and waiting to be read. I don’t know, maybe? I’ll consider it.

Anyway, I hope you darlings are enjoying your summer. I will update more often.

Your most adored,



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