Self Q&A – Please don’t judge me

Hello my darlings,

I  am lonely and bored-

Pharun: Thanks.

– And so this is what I am doing to kill time before I actually decide to work on something productive. Like my story. I wanted to write out a bunch of questions and ask you, my fellow writers, to respond to on your own blogs (and then I’ll reblog the posts). I will also answer them myself, because it just isn’t fair if I ask you to do something I won’t do myself.

Q: Do you measure progress by word count, or chapters?

A. I measure my progress by word count. I never used to do that (measuring instead by chapters, which is why The Dragon’s Disciples has 11516456498 chapters), but then NaNoWriMo came into my life (and it loses a little more appeal each year) and I was conditioned to become obsessed with wordcount. Now it is just a useful way to set up a goal for myself. If I tell myself my goal is 2,000 words, then I have to write 2,000 words or more to feel successful. If I tell myself to just write a chapter, I am perfectly capable of writing three paragraphs and going boom, chapter – peace out.

Q: How do your characters come into being?

A: They used to break in through windows that were partially cracked or doors that were left slightly ajar. Nowadays I just leave a spare key underneath the porch mat and make them sign a little clipboard.

Q: How do your characters occupy themselves when they are not being written for?

A: They like to play cards and whine.

Q: On a scale of “??” to “Plot”, how would you rate your ability to stay on track with a story?

A: I hover in between “a bunch of random side stories” and “something resembling the original plotline”. Most of my characters are very … aggressive individuals who will bully their way into a story that didn’t have much to do with them in the first place.

Q: How often do you write?

A: I try to write at least 2,000 words a day. “Try” being the operative word.

Q: Do you listen to music while you write?

A: Yes, the quiet is way too distracting. I usually just have to loop my Pandora station, because everyone likes something different around here.

Q: Do you eat/drink/smoke while you write?

A: I eat very little while I write. But I have to keep a drink within reach at all times. Usually it is Dr. Pepper, which increases my productivity and brilliant thought process by 110%.

Q: What do you like the least about marketing your book?

A: Having to badger potential readers like a homeless man trying to scrape enough money together to buy just ONE MORE HIT of [street drug of preference].

Q: If you were not yourself, would you read your books?

A: I would totally be obsessed with my books if I were not me. Probably because a lot of what I write is what other people just won’t give me.

Q: Be honest. Have you ever made someone you hated / were having a hard time with IRL into a character and then killed them off?

A: Here, pick up a copy of the Dragon’s Disciples. Flip to a page, any page, where someone dies. Good, now keep doing that until you can find them all. Yeah, they all represent somebody.

Q: Be honest again. Do you write for a character who is pretty much an insert of you, and who is it?

A: I’m pretty sure that any author who says they haven’t done that is lying through their teeth. We might kill the self-inserts off at one point (in a fit of self-loathing and disgust) but we have ALL done that. For me, Pharun and Shrukian are both inserts of me. Shrukian is more like the “real” me and Pharun is the me that I like to tell myself I am.

Q: That’s sad.

A: I know.


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