Everything but work

Hello my darlings,

I am doing pretty much everything I can to avoid work, that includes writing The Hollow Living (though I am TEEMING with ideas). So I have pretty much decided on the title for book 4 of the Age of Waking Death series. You ready for this?


Pharun has given Felix flowers. So now you are ready.

The title of book #4 of The Age of Waking Death series is going to be … The Bitch King.

Isn’t that great? After doing a four-day celebration for having finally made up my mind, my first thought was, “Wow, how is that for a seal on the message of ‘I don’t write for kids’???”.

Not that anyone would ever assume that. Ever.

Do you think I will get a lot of flack for it? Because I am already in love with it. And it does have a whole lotta Pharun (which is all I am at liberty to divulge… >.> . Read the books, dammit, so I can talk to you about my evil plots!) so that is pretty much the most befitting title.

Anyway… The Hollow Living is making awesome progress. I am trying hard, however, to keep a good balance between continuing the existing¬†plot between the old characters and balancing the introduction of a handful of new ones. The last thing I want is for a reader to be like, “Why is he talking about people I don’t care about? Hello? Plot? Wheredjago?”

Something like that. That’s usually what I do when an author loses a thread I was blithely following.

At this point, I am too squeamish to propose a possible release date, but let me just say that when it does come out it is going to rock so hard. It’s my favorite yet so far. So much cool stuff happens … and I really wish I could tell you everything that will happen!

But alack-a-day, I cannot. Soon, my darlings, soon.

I really need to go to bed. As you can tell I have had way, way too much caffeine today.

Your most adored,



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