Pharun likes to argue

Hello my darlings,


(Little anime Pharun is clearly upset because the last few chapters of “the Hollow Living” haven’t been about him)

Pharun: Well darling, it is ABOUT ME AFTER ALL!

Me: Not everything is about you, Pharun.


Me: It is partially about you.

Pharun: No one else is important enough. I am the most interesting one! Who else are you going to write about?? Shrukian? Good luck with that one!!

Me: SHhhhhh, you’re upsetting the readers.

Pharun: I hope they are upset with the PATHETIC WAY I AM TREATED AROUND HERE!

Me: Yes, yes. You are abused so roundly.

Pharun: *sorrowfully* She makes me sit in dark corners all by myself.

Me: *sighs*

Pharun: And I can only eat mushrooms.

Me: Ok, Pharun, that’s-

Pharun: And if I so much as make one darling whimper she has Shrukian come beat me with a 2 x 4 ….

Me: I think that’s enough. I’m sure our readers get a good idea of what is going on in this house.

Pharun: I should hope they do. I don’t know why I waste myself on you.

Me: <eyeroll>


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