1,000 eBooks – Don’t Forget!

Hello my darlings!

Don’t forget! July is all three of my books up on Amazon for $.99 cents! At the stroke of midnight on July 31st they go back to being $2.99, so don’t miss out! Also, spread the word – because if I can sell 1,000 ebooks this month, I am going to be able to fund a big giveaway of limited edition SIGNED hardcover copies! Now isn’t that tempting?


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New Blog Look, New Author Website!

Hello my darlings,

As you can see, my blog recently underwent a makeover. I’m hoping that this kind of look is more visually appealing, you know, not quite so harsh as the last few have been. What prompted this change, you might ask? Funny, that, because it would seem that I decided to give my official website a full makeover, and the blog sort of tied in with the package.


To visit my website, click on the banner!

As you can see, I am shooting for this whole ‘professional’ look that people keep telling me about. I think I am inching a little bit closer every day. I just cannot wait until I am wealthy enough (heh) to purchase my own domain name and not have such complicated URL’s!

I originally was not going to stick around with Wix.com. I wasn’t very satisfied with them in the beginning, but I suppose that is my own fault and my desire to not spend longer than an hour or two working on a website. Well, the one that you (hopefully) clicked on the banner and saw took me several hours (I finished at 11:30 or so, I started at around … 6, I think). Mind you, I took a break for dinner in between, so factor that out and – I’m really bad at math, that’s why I’m a writer. But I’m sure you can figure it out.

Where was I? Oh yes, Wix. So, after doing some research (and becoming insanely jealous over the other pretty author websites that I saw), I finally picked one that I wanted to be my model layout-wise and set to work on my own. It was a pain but I think it came out worth it, in the end.

Other than that, we’ve been running around trying to get ready for the yard sale (intended to help fund our wedding) that is coming up in a few weeks. I did find my old iPod and I spent a good couple hours perfecting my iTunes list last night. Then today I went into a gamer store I didn’t even know we had (it’s called Gamer’s Haven) and ended up talking to the owner for 40 minutes whilst he counted out my plethora of Magic the Gathering cards, deciding which ones he wanted to buy.

I also discovered that I own a LOT of books. I had forgotten exactly how many, and now I am wondering how they all fit in my room. Did you know that at one point in my high school career I owned upwards of 700 books? True story. I’ve had to cut down my collection considerably, seeing as how we are moving into the new apartment in August and alack-the-day, I will not have room for them all. I’m not even certain I will have a bookshelf to be honest. I may have to cobble the bookshelves out of the books. We will see.

I haven’t done any work (aside from the website) since yesterday afternoon and I am starting to feel the toll of laziness. When your body just falls into “bleh” mode and the stress / anxiety levels are kicked in on high, and you are convinced that if you eat just one more taco from Taco Bell then everything will be all right and you will not, indeed, end up like Gilbert Grape’s mother.

These are the things that occupy the space of my brain near midnight, when I have no snippets or book updates to share.

I should be sending some snippets of The Hollow Living your way soon, however. So be on the lookout! I’m still wondering when I should do a cover reveal for “The Dragoloth Compendium”.

Your most adored,



Custom Made Death

Hello my darlings,

I don’t usually do this sort of thing (inflict my poetry upon you, I mean). But it has been one of those weeks and I feel like maybe if I release this poem into the world then I will feel some sort of relief.

I hope you enjoy it.

Your most adored,



Sipping morphine with my veins

High on Novocain, anything to

Dull the pain, my angel of death,

Gives no anesthetic, only a

Sharp scalpel through the stomach

Ripping it open, she makes me

Spill my guts, I profess that I love

Her but it’s not enough, it’s always

Been rough but it’s getting harder

The days getting longer, it only

Prolongs our misery like twins

Conjoined at the fingers, our eyes

Only linger on each other, we

Cannot see any farther, sew my eyes

Shut so I can stumble blind, lost in my

Mind, unable to find my way out of the

Labyrinth I have built for myself, stone by

Stone, I deserve to be alone, wall me up in

Muiredan, let Pharun take me home

Serviell is my Versailles, keep me close by,

I’m not a threat if I don’t wander, sentence

Me to execution, the only possible finite

Solution to this growing epidemic that

Infects the people around us, sickens

Them as I am dying, I’m through with

Trying to resurrect the corpse of what

We had, so let this madness cease,

Gen, Alec, Rashna, Crowley, Marius, my
Felicity – let Costis, Lord Horn,

Shrukian, Aziraphale, Lestat, your

Pharun – die in peace.

Photo Manipulation by Dark Dynamixx – Beautiful Works of Art

Some really nifty photomanipulations. Check them out!

Swich The Ripper

Hi, in my first ” Pay it Forward” post I would like to shout out a friend of mine who happened to go ahead and Photoshop some pictures for me in the past. Her work is amazing so I figured I’ll to go ahead and share it with you guys.

I know she has used an existing picture of myself and did the rest in Photoshop – Hence photo manipulation to those unfamiliar. Any who, she did one where she put me next to the Silent Hill( huge fan) sign and in the other two a padded cell and all three came out awesome!

Here are the three images she did for me.

Pretty dope huh? I went ahead and linked the images to her Deviant Art gallery so that way y’all can take a look. I’m unsure whether or not she has any other sites where she displays her…

View original post 147 more words

Severely Down-in-the-Dumps

Hello my darlings,

It has been a downy-dumps kind of a day … more like a downy-dumps kind of week. On the one hand, my writing seems to benefit from my misery. Last night I wrote close to 4,000 words and every one of them I really liked. I did some work with Felix, Meridith, and Pharun (because I really needed to. Pharun hadn’t put a word in edgewise since the prologue and it was already chapter 4). Felix seems to be the part of my personality that blossoms and thrives when I am in the most depressing of moods. Pharun is another who does pretty well for himself feeding off my stress. It was only when I hit a Neysa chapter that I started to fizzle out and quit for the night. But I was doing great up until then.

This song came on my Pandora today, it is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m writing for Felix. Of course, Pharun giggles every time he hears it.

I haven’t really been doing as much as I should by way of character sketches, but I suppose that pretty soon I will be able to do a cover reveal. I am so ready for June to end. I can’t wait to for July to get here. Something about having a birthday coming up makes that entire month automatically awesome.

So what has been going on with me lately? Funny you should ask. Which of course, I know you really didn’t, but I’m going to see if spilling my guts here lifts my spirits enough to at least motivate me to start making dinner.

First of all, there is the matter of my great-grandmother. She is on a downhill spiral and we have reached the point where everyone recognizes that she isn’t fit to live on her own. We have to check on her every day. My mamaw, mother, and I spend about 85% of our weeks now interacting with her, getting her groceries, changing her bandages, making sure she takes her medicine, and on the occasion – picking her up off the floor because the woman will just not. use. her. goddamn. walker. Of course, no one wants to send her to a nursing home, and she can’t afford live-in care. But her needs increase every day and short of one of us moving in with her (not happening) we can’t give her what she needs.

Then there is the fact that I’m starting to feel like my world is being stripped away, torn apart, and thrown into one of those trash bins that you boot onto the side of the road and let someone else take out for you. Do you ever get those feelings? A lot of my old friends are living in different worlds now and I can’t relate to them at all. So many of them are married with children (can I put this in perspective? I’m barely twenty, and the majority of them are my age / younger than I). Those who are not are still living out their teenage years until the very end … so their biggest worries are hangovers or plans for beach weekends. And then there is the Meridith Turtem in my life, the ONE person I thought could endure the years with me, the one person aside from my fiance whom I loved wholly, worshipfully, unconditionally… now that friendship is crumbling, has been … and I can’t take it. I just can’t pull myself out of this mire.

Don’t get me wrong, even though Mark and I cannot stand the majority of people we know (it concerns us too, don’t worry), we still have a select few friends who are the best in the world and who are always there to support us. I’m not trying to cry that I have no friends, I just can’t believe the friendships I have cultivated for five, 6+ years are fading away.

<cue dramatic ‘Dust in the Wind’ insert>

And of course, the more downy-dumps I feel, the crazier my makeup gets. I woke up at 1 in the afternoon, did my makeup around 3, and it still looked crazy like I was going somewhere and had somebody to impress.




In the wake of this post, Pandora starts playing Three Days Grace. At least I feel like making dinner now.

Your most adored,


Felix snippet – yay!

As promised, a snippet.

High Priest Felix d'Artion, everybody

High Priest Felix d’Artion, everybody

The Hollow Living – Sample 

Copyright Sarah Carraway 2013

Felix crunched snow angrily underneath his boots as he left through the kitchen entrance of the castle, his fine cape dragging the surface of the wet earth and ruining the fine velvet. He had been in such a hurry to get some fresh air that he had nearly thrown away every precaution, including gloves. He now walked with his hands stuffed into his jerkin, trying to keep warm but afraid to go retrieve a pair of gloves from his room for fear that Pharun would be there, ready with an apology that would somehow make Felix forgive him. Or, worse, he would have no apology at all. He would only have a smile and a candid manner that would leave Felix feeling like he was the boorish, irrational one.

Not now, he couldn’t put up with it. He had to take a few moments of air and stewed in his justified anger as a swollen purple bruise blossomed across his jar like a grotesque bloom.

The servants avoided him. Ever since he had arrived at the castle, the only servant who had dared address him was Jhauril. Even thinking about Pharun’s personal servant made Felix’s blood boil. Jhauril. There was someone he hated more than most people in the wretched country combined. That horrible little spiteful orcblood guttersnipe…!

“Felix, I’m glad to have found you,”

“Guttersnipe!” Felix exclaimed aloud, not even entirely sure of to whom he was talking. He reached out, as if blind, and gripped the coat of the person in front of them. He touched fur and velvet, a combination that could have adorned the chest of anyone.

“That is how my father would address me, in my younger days.” Meridith said. He was tall enough that he had to look down at the priest. “How did you know?”

Felix blushed hotly, releasing the baron’s coat and falling back a pace, just enough to put some room in between them. “Of course I didn’t, forgive me; I am not myself at the moment.”

“It looks like I’m not the only body you have run into today,” Meridith touched the bruise on Felix’s jaw and watched him wince. “You might want to watch where you are going, sir.”

“I will bear that in mind,” Felix felt his patience getting shorter with each passing moment. “To what may I attribute your address, your lordship?”

“We had some slaves arrive at the gate today that are up for sale. I noticed your lack of a personal man…”

“Thank you,” Felix’s reply was cold, clipped. “I have no need of a personal slave.”

“I think you would find a personal man very liberating,” Meridith said. “It would relieve you of the bulk of Jhauril’s services, at least when Pharun isn’t around… which seems to be often, these days.”

Felix licked his lips. The offer was more than tempting. “I don’t have the money…”

“Oh, I’m certain Pharun would be happy to pay your bill.” Meridith took Felix’s hand insistently. “You need someone here who is in your corner, someone not involved in this political mess that can give you companionship.”

Felix sighed, allowing himself to be led out to the courtyard. “I’m not making any promises. I seem to be growing less and less fond of people and doubt I could find someone I am willing to tolerate.”

Meridith ignored him. When they arrived in the courtyard Felix could see the slavers standing close by the gate accepting refreshment from the castle servants. The master of house, the head servant who was in charge of all the slaves as well as the other servants, was busy making selections and arguing prices with one of their number. Felix had attended a few slave auctions in his lifetime, but he generally did not care for them and would have no idea how to pick a good one if his life depended on it.

However, this situation was already entirely different from an auction. For instance, no one was shouting prices in his ear while he tried to move through a crowd in order to get to the other side and buy some bread. This was more intimate, and the slaves were of far better quality. They were clean and their hair had been brushed and braided. Some were perfumed, a few had their faces painted – their market was clear.

Felix found his eyes wandering over the line of slaves towards a particular boy at the end. Most of the slaves had dark hair and pale skin, save for this one. He had skin that was just a few shades paler than Felix’s, and his hair was of the same color. Felix walked down the line until he was standing right in front of the boy, who had his head down. Having no idea of how to handle the situation, Felix found himself saying, “Hello there”.

The boy’s head rose slowly, and Felix could see his eyes were blue. Their gazes met very briefly, and recognition flashed across the boy’s face before he dropped his head again.

Felix knew he had seen the child before. He racked his brain as he grabbed the boy’s chin and lifted it again, staring at him, trying to remember.

“What is your name?” he demanded.

The boy licked his lips and whispered, “Sterling.”


Gotye is so very poignant

Hello my darlings,

Gotye is incredibly fitting for my life and how I am feeling at this exact moment. Here, I will let him explain.

In other news, I am getting some writing done for The Hollow Living. I have also gone through several old stories that I might cut up and insert into the manuscript now and again – not necessarily because I’m a cheater (which I am) but there is some really good material I would hate to see go to waste. I will probably post with a snippet soon.

Your most adored,


New Online Store!

Hello my darlings,

Take a gander at this:


Isn’t that the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen? Now, take that awesome, and times it by 1,000,000,000 – and that is how stoked I am right now.

Because, yes, I have a bunch of new Age of Waking Death products up for sale! You can check out my entire store HERE!

I’ve got a bit of everything, from Kindle and Nook sleeves, to coffee mugs, to t-shirts, to tanks, to sweatshirts, to jewelry! I even have a maternity shirt.


You can bet any amount of money that I will be wearing this when I am pregnant.

Yeah.  So check it out!

Your most adored,



I write for really good-looking people

Hello my darlings

It is a lazy Sunday. I don’t really want to get anything done. I need to drink some Passionflower tea and calm myself down, probably, before I even attempt anything. It has just been an incredibly shitty weekend I need to feel like I can bounce back on Monday or else, I am screwed.


The Orcs and Aliens logo I have been working on. Not a final draft, probably, we’ll see.


I have been doing work on the magazine and on the publishing company, in general. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there is to do but I will feel infinitely better once we can start moving some things out of the way. I am also working on putting together a draft of the magazine to take around and show to possible local vendors who may wish to invest in advertising (and stock a few copies, mayhap?). So we will see how that goes. Meanwhile, getting the draft together in as of itself has proved an odious task. I have designed a literary magazine before, but the only program on my stepdad’s computer that I could use is Microsoft Word. So I might want to pinch my fiance’s computer for a short time and see if I can’t get it done in something slightly more advanced / easier to manipulate. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT, wait until I have my own laptop again. Hopefully after my birthday…. keep your fingers crossed.

I have more Hollow Living to write. I haven’t written in a few days because I have been under a ton of stress (lots of family matters going on, dontcha know) plus, Meridith is next up on my list of victims. And since he is based off of somebody and Pharun is based off of me, and the two of us are not very happy with each other at the moment … let’s just say I can’t afford to lose him this early in the book, so I am kind of holding off until I feel like I can write for him without taking out his other eye.

But I did get some more character designs done on Hero Machine for The Dragoloth Compendium (still waiting on that better name suggestion!). I did Meridith, Jarian, and Eireann Turtem last night. They are all up on my personal Facebook right now, and I am considering clogging up my author’s page with a few main ones. But we’ll see.

The lesson to be learned from that small gallery is that I suck at designing women. Also, I try way too hard to make people look vaguely related. Although I must admit, that one is one damn good-looking family.

I have some more work to do, so I probably shouldn’t be kicking my heels too long. I’ll come back with more later!

Your most adored,