Hello my darlings,

It has been a day. And I mean it has been a day … from the fact that Hulu only offers Desperate Housewives seasons 1-2 to the fact that my great-grandmother fell (again) and had to be taken to the ER, to the fact that this is my second or third attempt at writing this post and WordPress is showing very well how much it wishes to see me suffer. The ONLY consolation at this moment is that my makeup looks pretty stellar. But you probably can’t even tell from the quality of this picture.


So my great-grandmother fell (again) today. The parenthetical aside implies that she has fallen many times, and each time the situation gets more intense. Well, today she fell and they had to taken her to the ER because she was showing signs of a stroke. Now, I live in a town of no significance and the great achievement of our hospital reads on a certificate “Lazy as F**k”. So they bring in my great-grandmother who is a woman of 86, her eyes are rolling in different directions, she can’t answer their questions clearly, she has fallen as skinned half of her elbow / forearm so there is BLOOD everywhere (though they STILL insist upon taking her blood pressure from that arm, causing her to bleed on the instrument, on her clothes, on the hospital bed. Lots of blood loss for a woman who is – did I mention a diabetic? And she hadn’t eaten breakfast?). She can’t walk, and yet all they decide to do is run a few tests, do a scan, and determine that after a few wisecracks from the doctor (surrounded by his non-existent nurses) about how she shouldn’t fall again they decide to SEND THIS WOMAN HOME. I’m sorry, but people are swarming in droves to universities, pumping money into the schools’ pockets, all to become doctors and nurses for a career that basically amounts to “tell the old woman to stop falling”???? I’m sorry, I could have told you that she needs to stop falling and I haven’t even made it through an entire Robin Cook novel. Like, ever. I don’t think I’m asking for much. Just some mediocre to decent quality healthcare.

I’m sorry. I am just tired of seeing my relatives pay to have assholes look at them and smirk at their heart problems, strokes, cancer, and other such apparent trifles. I’m also tired of seeing my grandmother and my mother (two of my best friends) being put through the wringer because on top of their own lives and health problems, they have this kind of thing set on their shoulders.

Thank you for letting me rant. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Your most adored,


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