Paid Fanfiction? Wait what?

What do you guys think about this? What do you think it means for the publishing world?

In other news. Anne Rice must be spitting venom.

The Athele Series

So after my rant on fanfiction last year sometime, I about swallowed my tongue after reading this.  

Apparently, Amazon has acquired permission from a few TV shows (among other platforms, if I’m getting the insinuations right) to allow people to be paid for the fanfiction which they write about that particular show.  

I’m pretty sure Amazon is an evil marketing genius.  This is amazing.  I’m not saying that everyone wins, in fact I’m pretty sure that authors stands to lose a lot.  As understood so far, if the parent company like the fanfiction author’s ideas, they can pretty much just lift it straight off without so much as a note, and use it for their own devices.  However.  I do think this is a fabulous idea for a fledgling, and even a practiced author, as well as for the company.  

First, it gives the…

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