I have an App for That

Hello my darlings,

It has been a long, exhausting day, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow once everything has settled down. As soon as I am done with this post, I actually have to go take a shower, get dressed, and do my makeup, because I have to be up and rolling again by 6:30am.

So, why am I bothering to post? I just had a bit of good news to share. With 3 days of its sale left to go, Baron of Blood ranks #20 in the Kindle store for Gay/Lesbian fiction, and #29 in the kindle store for Swords and Sorcery fantasy. 🙂 If it weren’t so late (early?) I would be bouncing off the walls ecstatic. It has gotten a lot of attention over the past few days and I am hoping the reviews, ratings, etc will start rolling in soon. I am also straining every nerve to sell a few paperback copies. So far, no sales on those – but I am holding out hope, it is yet young.

Wondering what all of that has to do with the title of this blog? Well, I have my own app for your smartphone.

Yes, I do, isn’t that crazy? It will be uploaded to other sites, including Google Play in just a few short days. But right now it is available through this link: http://www.appcatch.com/app_author_cn_faust-427798.html 

The app features lots of cool things right now. With it you will be able to keep updated on my latest work, on any events I am doing, you will have access to all of my latest coupons, and be able to book me for events / conventions / readings, etc. (Well, that addition may have been a little ambitious). I have an Android phone, so I am about to test it out for myself. The best part is that it is FREE to download so no harm, no foul if you decide that you have enough of me in your life by following this blog.

I’ll catch you darlings later – so much yet to do!

Your most adored,



7 thoughts on “I have an App for That

    • I think a lot of it is just dumb luck, or maybe my advertising is becoming more effective! *Crosses fingers* I didn’t know it existed, either. Today it’s ranking up there in epic fantasy, though. Which makes a little more sense to me.

      • Yeah, it will be on the free list all weekend – but this is probably one of the only times (unless there is a good excuse of a holiday that comes up) that I will be offering this one for free. I am hoping the success does carry on into the paid list – my entire goal is to generate interest. Hopefully it will get some good reviews to boost its ratings, and maybe it will be in the public eye long enough that people will remain enthusiastic about it. So far, it has had a pretty positive reception. I just get nervous when it comes to the very first few crucial reviews.

        It’s two now – soon to be three. It is fun, a little exhausting! But I like to watch the numbers of two different series compete. Baron of Blood is winning – hahaha.

      • Dragon’s Disciples hasn’t really been influenced by Baron of Blood yet, but it’s a bit early to tell, I think. I am still trying to judge what is causing the steady influx of downloads. I can’t tell if it’s cover art, better marketing strategies, my overall enthusiasm (I have a huge attachment to BoB) or the fact that people now can “recognize” my name. I’m sure Prodigy will do splendidly! You seem to have a loyal fanbase already anticipating it, which is awesome.

      • I’m going to follow the same marketing plan that I used for Beginning of a Hero. I’m guessing your success is a combination of everything. KDP Select has to have an effect too. They really push you when you first join.

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