WIP Tag!

Charles Yallowitz tagged me for this – so in the spirit of things I shall respond accordingly!
1. What is the name of your current WIP?

I have two current WIP’s. I have The Hollow Living, which is book #3 of the “Age of Waking Death” series, and I have At Dagger’s Point, which is book #2 of the “Dawning Era Saga”.

2. Ready to do a cover reveal?

The Hollow Living has kind of already had a mock-up cover reveal. My BIG cover reveal will be for At Dagger’s Point, but it’s nowhere near ready.

3. How many words are you into it?

Into The Hollow Living, I am almost 10,000 words in. With At Dagger’s Point I am still completing the outline.

4. Goal word count by the end of the week?

For The Hollow Living, my goal count is 12,000 by the end of this week. For At Dagger’s Point, I intend to make a good 10,000 word dent.

5. Goal word count for the entire manuscript?

For both works, 80,000 – 100,000 is always the goal.

6. What genre does your work in progress fall within?

Both works fall into epic fantasy and gay fantasy

7. When would you *like* to publish this project?

I want At Dagger’s Point to be available by the time I am back in school for the fall. That was also the goal for The Hollow Living, but that one might be pushed back into th spring.

8. Go to page 5 of your manuscript and pick a sentence at random to share with us!

“You were the first I ever called brother,”

9. Will this WIP turn into a series book?

They are both already part of a series, hehe.

10. What has been the hardest challenge in working on this WIP?

With The Hollow Living, its entire series has been a challenge. There are just SO MANY subplots to keep up with / weave together and to be sure they all make sense. With At Dagger’s Point, I’m having trouble figuring out how I want it to flow.

11. What has been your favorite part of working on this WIP?

With The Hollow Living, my favorite part is introducing some new characters, fleshing out some old ones, and finally getting around to the big, badass plot twists and turns that I have been dreaming up for three years.

12. Any special treat planned for when you finish the final draft of your WIP?

Probably dolling up the cover and toasting to my success. XD

I have an App for That

Hello my darlings,

It has been a long, exhausting day, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow once everything has settled down. As soon as I am done with this post, I actually have to go take a shower, get dressed, and do my makeup, because I have to be up and rolling again by 6:30am.

So, why am I bothering to post? I just had a bit of good news to share. With 3 days of its sale left to go, Baron of Blood ranks #20 in the Kindle store for Gay/Lesbian fiction, and #29 in the kindle store for Swords and Sorcery fantasy. 🙂 If it weren’t so late (early?) I would be bouncing off the walls ecstatic. It has gotten a lot of attention over the past few days and I am hoping the reviews, ratings, etc will start rolling in soon. I am also straining every nerve to sell a few paperback copies. So far, no sales on those – but I am holding out hope, it is yet young.

Wondering what all of that has to do with the title of this blog? Well, I have my own app for your smartphone.

Yes, I do, isn’t that crazy? It will be uploaded to other sites, including Google Play in just a few short days. But right now it is available through this link: http://www.appcatch.com/app_author_cn_faust-427798.html 

The app features lots of cool things right now. With it you will be able to keep updated on my latest work, on any events I am doing, you will have access to all of my latest coupons, and be able to book me for events / conventions / readings, etc. (Well, that addition may have been a little ambitious). I have an Android phone, so I am about to test it out for myself. The best part is that it is FREE to download so no harm, no foul if you decide that you have enough of me in your life by following this blog.

I’ll catch you darlings later – so much yet to do!

Your most adored,