Book thongs are fun to make

Hello my darlings,

Above is a (very poor quality) picture of the bookthongs I have been making to give out in promotion of “Baron of Blood”. The bookthongs are creme ribbon with two small pearl-like beads and a bronze colored bead on one end, and then two copper colored beads on the other. I’ve sewn at least ten in one afternoon (there was a significant chunk of time here I had to set it down, not to mention how long it took me to figure out the most effect method of attachment). I am going to put them together in some packages alongside an excerpt booklet plus a coupon code (for 10% or 15% off – not sure how much yet) that can be applied to the paperback edition of Baron of Blood. Some other goodies might be thrown in there, but we will see what happens! Interested in receiving one in the mail? Shoot me an email!

Sorry for the short update, but it’s late and my mind is running all over the place.

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “Book thongs are fun to make

    • I think it is kind of a silly name, myself, but I couldn’t say “bookmark” because I have already designed one of those for BB, and I didn’t want to get anyone confused! XD Glad I could cause a moment’s entertainment, however. 😉

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