Cy Does Real Life

Hello my darlings,

So, perhaps it is time I made a “Cy does real life” type post instead of my usual prolific promotions. That is, after all, why I encourage fans, readers, and friends to follow my blog. I want you to get to know me as a real person, and not a promotional machine (so far I’m not sure how well that has worked out). I try very hard to also maintain the correct image for a new author whose reputation is as fragile as glass. It’s something of a personal Catch-22.

Something that has come up often in conversation when discussing my book are the prevalent gay relationships. I will make it clear that I DO write gay fantasy, but I do NOT identify as solely a gay fantasy or gay romance writer. I consider myself a writer, and I consider my genre to be fantasy. I have never tried to really market my book as anything other than what I consider it to be – an epic high fantasy novel. Of course I will thrown in the gaymance tags every now and then – but people have a right to know what they’re getting into, sure! I don’t feel like the sexual preference of my characters should make such a difference in the overall plot – whether it is war or intrigue or whatever have you. But Dragoloth is a country where gay as well as hetero relationships are fostered and encouraged. It is simply their culture – I don’t hate straight people, I don’t bash straight relationships. I don’t try to push any sort of agenda. Whatever the character wants, whatever feels right for the story, or whatever I happen to be feeling like at the time is what ends up being put on paper. Pharun is gay as the longest rainbow – but did you know ****SPOOIIILLLEERRR*** that he was married to a woman for seventeen years? Oh, and he has like – six children? And did you know ***MORE SPOILERS**** that Shrukian has over ten (!) children, and is married to like, five different women – but he has also had several romances with men? Those sorts of relationships are the hub of my character’s souls, and that is something I cannot change – nor do I wish to change it.

My characters live as people – they have basic human desires (even those who are not so human) and needs. They will satisfy those needs however they deem fit. Likewise, I like to give them the liberty to love whoever they want (as long as it furthers the plot, haha) and I am happy to say that many of my wonderful readers have not taken issue with this, rather they have embraced it. It is only a few people (and most often those I know personally) who ever bring it up.

I just had to say my piece. Your thoughts are always appreciated! ❤

Your most adored,



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