10% off Baron of Blood paperback!

Hello my darlings,

I was going to save this offer for memorial day weekend, but I thought I would spoil you all a bit now – and maybe give you some time to have that order in BEFORE the weekend? 😉

Anyway, my offer amounts to this: the first ten people to go like my Facebook fan page will get a 10% coupon code that can be applied to the paperback edition of Baron of Blood! Is that awesome, or is it awesome? If you like my page and I don’t seem to notice within three seconds, be sure to leave a comment here letting me know you did it. That will motivate me to go check!

Also, note: for the coupon to apply, you have to purchase Baron of Blood specifically from this Amazon page: https://www.createspace.com/4290504

So, before I go off and forget, here is the link to my Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CN-Faust/571018122923463 !

I’ve never pushed a print book like this so hard, but I will admit – I am in deeply enamored of it. Also, if you buy the print version, be sure to post a picture to aforementioned FB fanpage with you giving a thumb’s up or something! XD

I really need to go to bed. :p

Your most adored,




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