Book Review: A Circle of Iron by Greg Benage

circleofiron Rating: Five Stars


I like to think that I don’t give five stars out too freely, but this book actually impressed me. I’ve       been needing a new fantasy book to read, and I found this one for free in my Nook library. I wasn’t expecting very much when I dove into it, but it ended up taking me by surprise.

I don’t know what won me over the quickest – it had to be either the fantastically wonderful, colorful, memorable characters (I have high standards for characters, but Benage had some really good ones) or the compelling world that I found myself looking into. It wasn’t the usual grand-scale, sparkling Elven paradise or the even the grim dystopia that I find myself so found of. It was a straightforward, humble setting with the focus being heavily on the action and the characters. I even found myself enjoying the female character – which talk about high standards, I almost never enjoy them! Benage really hit the nail on the head with this delightful treat and I commend him for it.

My biggest real criticism is that it is way too short. The Nook version was only about 180 pages and I felt like there could have been so much more content and plot wise. I think Benage has real potential if he could just bulk his content a bit more and give it some weight.

I don’t think Benage does himself enough credit by listing this book as “free”. It is on Smashwords, so I know that all of you darlings could probably get it on your Kindles and iPads too (which if you can, I would recommend doing so!). But I think, honestly, that if this was a book I had come across by chance in a bookstore, I would have paid money for it. It just goes to show – another great example of ‘never judge the book by its price’! They might surprise you.


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