Hunting, Promoting, and Publishing

Hello my darlings,

Once again, it has been an obscene amount of time since I have made any sort of blog post – I apologize. Things have been insane around here and like any good entrepreneur, I am incredibly busy.

Where shall I start?

Well, I guess I could begin with mentioning that I have started making submissions to literary agents. Why, you might ask? I am not sure. I got a wild hair the other day because I have a series (that is set in Dragoloth but takes place about two generations before The Dragon’s Disciples) that I want to publish. The book (the working title of which is “Baron of Blood” (totes original, I know)) I am actually very proud of. It was the first “war novel” I ever really attempted and I find the characters to be rich, the plot to be complex, and just the overall situation to be just be incredibly awesome. I was so happy when I finished it, I consider it one of my best works. So I am seeking out an agent who can maybe do a little bit better by it than I can. But if no one is interested, I will step up and publish it alongside all of my other works (under a different series title). That’s the backup plan anyway.

Aside rom that, I noticed that I have gotten lazy with my promotion of “The Dragon’s Disciples” and “The Heretic Priest” and I need to step it up. I have also been lazy with my writing of “The Hollow Living” i.e. I haven’t written much of anything in days. I am hoping to pick up a new fantasy book and get some inspiration juices flowing. Lazy, lazy author.

On the publishing end of things – Future Fantasy Pub is evolving quickly (not rapidly enough for my impatient self! :P) But we have gotten some GREAT submissions for our magazine thus far (the name of which has officially been established as “Orcs and Aliens”!) So keep them coming! You are all awesome. I extend a hearty “Thank you” to everyone who has promoted us / submitted so far. We are going to have a great first issue come August!

Which reminds me, we are also holding a cover art contest / full time cover art illustrator auditions. The description from our FB event reads as follows:

Prizes: First place – full-time go-to cover artist for Orcs and Aliens magazine*
Second, third, fourth place: your artwork will have its own feature in the first issue of our magazine!

… Please email all submissions along with your FULL real name, the medium in which your art is rendered, and the title of your artwork (if applicable) to in the format of a high quality .JPEG. Be sure to put “Orcs and Aliens Art Submission” in the subject line!
(all artwork that comes sans a title will be labeled as “untitled” if chosen to be featured).

Preferred themes: Anything sci-fi or fantasy (or a blend of both!) themed. Can also contain elements of horror.
Artwork does not have to contain orcs or aliens!

* Currently not a paid position, but has potential to become one.

The link to the event is HERE: and the link to our company FB page is as FOLLOWS:

Once we get closer to the release of our new issue, Orcs and Aliens will have its own FB page and website. Work, work, work!

It’s not just the fact that all of this is coming up so soon. It’s the fact that we are getting all of our legal ducks set up in a row, plus the wedding is coming around the corner and there is just so. much. to do!

I might just go insane. :p

Your most adored,



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