And so it Begins

Hello my darlings,

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. I promised myself I would not make any extremely personal posts – especially not long, ranting posts about my upcoming wedding. Yet alack – here I am doing exactly this.

But seriously, you guys, it’s coming in October and I am having the damndest time!

Wouldn’t you know the biggest issue is money? I am not expecting monetary help from anyone when it comes to this wedding. When I set the date I figured I would be employed over the summer and that would help things, but then my job prospects fell through and now I am left with a handful of tentative plans and hopes but nothing concrete.

I think it’s part of the reason I have been pushing The Dragon’s Disciples sales so much lately. It’s my only source of income right now, and I need a wedding dress. And a venue. And a million other things, it seems like.

It’s going to be a 50’s themed wedding. This is the dress I’m looking at:



My goal is to spend no more than $50 on the dress and not a penny over $100 for the venue. We are having a potluck reception, so that is taken care of. It helps that I have the best bridesmaids in the world who are all cavaliers of penny-pinching and design. I’m certain we can pull it together… it’s just very, very stressful.

Another idea that was just presented to me would be to be married at the courthouse by a justice of the peace – and then have a mock ceremony / party afterwards where everyone can come. That is so far my favourite plan – and the most likely one.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest!!

Your most adored,



5 thoughts on “And so it Begins

  1. Good luck. It’s actually rather common for people to have a small wedding at a courthouse and have a big celebration at a later date when more guests (and more funds) can be gathered. I hope you find the perfect dress and venue.

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