Future Fantasy Quarterly – Still Open for Submissions!


Hello my darlings,

I have actually created a webpage for Future Fantasy Pub, so as not to make such a long, exhaustive post as last time. But here it is! The full submission guidelines. We have already gotten a few magnificent contributors so far, and it is going to be a great issue! The deadline for submissions is August 10th, so don’t hesitate!

Check out Future Fantasy Pub.’s webpage HERE!

Or by using this link: http://futurefantasypub.wordpress.com/submissions/

For inquiries and submissions, please email futurefantasypub@outlook.com .

Your most adored,



7 thoughts on “Future Fantasy Quarterly – Still Open for Submissions!

      • That’s great! You can submit up to 2 short stories (novel excerpts, etc) per issue. If the volume of submissions is too high to publish both stories in one issue, then we will just split them up and publish one in the first issue and the other in the second – does that make sense?

        Also, yes, poetry can be of a supernatural theme as long as it follows a general fantasy / sci-fi genre. (Ghosts, historical bits, and gods can count also).

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