Overbearing Mother’s Day

Hello my darlings,

So, Mother’s Day has gotten me thinking about how much I love my mother, and how awesome she is – and it also made me realize that my books are filled with really overbearing moms. I mean, a lot of my characters also have daddy issues – and those are perfectly reasonable. But what about all of these clingy, heartless, vicious, backstabbing, smothering mothers? Where do they come from?

I have no clue. But I decided that for Mother’s Day I would give you a peak into their lives, and maybe you can answer my question by the end of it all. WARNING: Probably some spoilers.


Ekaterini Mahtrador

What makes her such a gem: clingy, manipulative, controlling, cowardly, sneaky, crazy, bipolar, narcissistic.

Probably this way because… we could always defend Ekaterini by going with the whole “married too young and not for love” trope, but that is pretty much every woman in Dragoloth. You could also blame the rather scandalous affair(s) with both of her sons (Encarz AND Graeme, yikes!), or the “tragic” deaths of her five female children, or the strange disappearance/death of her third unwanted son, Parrin … yeah, there is a whole lot of crazy going on with this woman.


Eireann Turtem

What makes her such a gem: cold, distant, domineering, smug.

Probably this way because… well, you know, she WAS married to Jarian Turtem (for those of you unfamiliar, the words “boorish” and “unbearable” are an apt description of the man) and she WAS shadowed by Encarz for the rest of her life (not that you would see any of us complaining about that). Her two greatest accomplishments were also in her children Meridith Turtem (…so yeah) and Syme Turtem (you know, Encarz’s little Master Tormentor. We like to call him Igor).

Olympia Mahtrador

What makes her such a gem: smothering, possessive, coddling, doting, vicious, apathetic, and just … very unhealthy.

Probably this way because… to be fair to poor Olympia, Shrukian did leave Dragoloth to hide out in Avralaen for sixteen years. Olympia was left to raise her children all by herself and in a world that is as cold and cruel as Dragoloth – that is no small beer. You can almost justify ever single smothering, vicious, horrible thing she does. Almost.


Nerissa Ercole

What makes her such a gem: REALLY  REALLY controlling, apathetic, heartless, cold, distant

Probably this way because… Nerissa’s family has a history of instability (mentally and politically) but her life isn’t in the pits. She has an almost equal partnership with her brother when it comes to presiding over the household. She has three very successful, clever, loyal children. She is one of the wealthiest women in the known world and she herself has all of the tools for success and gain at her fingertips. Conclusion? She’s just a terrible, terrible person.

Those are all that I can remember off the top of my head. Did I forget any? Let me know in the comments! Better yet, if any of them remind you of YOUR mother, let me know! xD

Happy mother’s day to you all!

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “Overbearing Mother’s Day

    • It will certainly come back to haunt Encarz, I’m just not sure which book – I might wait until I go do the “Dawning Era” saga which features all of the pre- Dragon’s Disciples stories.

      • The fun of a prequel. As long as it is a Star Wars prequel that is. For some reason when you say it will come back to ‘haunt’ Encarz, I’m not sure if you mean figuratively or literally.

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