***Brand New*** Heretic Priest – Full Cover re-vamped

Hello my darlings,

So, I thought I had settled on a cover for The Heretic Priest.

But every time I glance at it, there seems to be something missing. Something striking, something visually appealing, I’m not sure what it was, but I totally went and re-vamped (no pun intended) the entire thing, this time excluding my own artwork.

How did I do it?

There is a lovely blogger, and her article here really inspired me. I started by going to PublicDomainPictures.net and finding a picture I could work with. I then proceeded to spend hours (and I do mean hours) editing, visualizing, and capturing what I feel like is the essence of The Heretic Priest. And maybe I missed the mark entirely. But I am very, very, very happy with the color scheme, I am very proud of the editing I did. Spine, back cover, front cover and all – I spared myself no pain and offered myself no laziness this time around. I have decided that if I am going to seriously sell my books then they must be perfect, perfect, perfect.

So, with that being said, I probably will not release another editing of The Dragon’s Disciples for a while (maybe when The Hollow Living comes out, my poor strained eyes are screaming about injustice at this moment) but at least I feel confident in my ability to produce something that doesn’t look too terribly self-published.

So. I bet you want to know what the new cover looks like.


All right, I’ll show you. But on one condition.

Please, please, please, please give me some feedback, honest feedback. If you saw this book in Barnes and Noble, would it be pretty enough to grab your attention? Is it pretty enough to compel you to buy it? I am dying to get an opinion, so anything would be wonderfully helpful.


For a better quality image, check out my Facebook page.

I appreciate anything you sweethearts have to say! Arrivederci.

Your most adored,



8 thoughts on “***Brand New*** Heretic Priest – Full Cover re-vamped

    • Thanks! I was trying to move away from the “dark cover, brooding bare-chested male or alternative goth chick” theme that seems to prevail in the genre. My fear is that it looks too YA, but I guess I can’t do everything perfectly the first time. :p

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