Successful Advertising, Author Interview

Hello my darlings!

Today has been a pretty nice, relaxing day. I only had one full 50 minute class and a ten minute conference with one of my professors to attend. It’s started thunderstorm-ing, so now I am inside curled up with my laptop and getting caught up on some work. Before it started raining, my fiancee and I went out into the downtown area and passed out some advertisements forΒ The Dragon’s Disciples.Β There is now a flyer/excerpt sitting in several coffee shops, tea shops, and bookstores that are in my immediate surrounding area.

I was personally quite proud of my flyer/excerpt idea. I want to do bookmarks next, but because those will be more expensive for me to print I thought I would start out with something simple first. So I created a flyer that is the cover of the book, clips from some reviews and information on where it can be found, and then on the back there is an excerpt (the prelude of DD) so anyone who comes across it can sit down and read it and hopefully want to read more. We’ll see how good it was an idea if some results start rolling in, but at the very least it will get my name out there and my book in the public eye. The owners of the shops were also very accommodating and nice about it. I don’t know how obnoxious I looked popping in and out of shops with my handful of flyers. Tomorrow I hit the other side of town. Cross your fingers for similar success.


I put it in word and just screen captured, because I am a loser and couldn’t think of anything better.

Tonight I work on my first podcast/YouTube video. “The Hollow Living” is making excellent progress and I am super stoked for it. I feel like the release date for The Heretic Priest will never get here.

Speaking of The Heretic Priest, I have another Author Interview here that talks about it a little bit. Check it out and then like their Facebook page!

Your most adored,



6 thoughts on “Successful Advertising, Author Interview

    • I just walked in there and asked whoever was at the counter if I could leave a few of my advertisements there. They all told me I could – local stores especially are very supportive of these types of deals. Even some chains like Starbucks will allow you to do so the same, and that would be an ideal place to drop them (especially near the area where people sit to drink their coffee).

      Also, I’ve managed to drop a few on some random tables by “accident” or insert them into convenient magazine racks as I go by. My next stop will be doctor’s / dentists’ offices where everyone needs something to read.

      If you would like, I can help you create a similar flyer. πŸ™‚

      • I was wondering about trying it with the bookmarks since we can make them cheap. Though, I’m also thinking of convincing my wife to be the spokeswoman. She tends to get people to do things with a lot less effort (and begging) than me.
        Still, I wouldn’t mind some help with the flyer if you’re willing to help. πŸ™‚

      • I know how that is! I get nervous just talking to people about my book and my fiancee just goes around and recruits readers like it’s no big deal.

        Sure thing! πŸ™‚ Just let me know which book (I can do both if you want) and shoot me an email with the passage(s) that you would like to use. Anything that can fill about a page should do just find, maybe a little longer, I will have to toy with it. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. Well, I only have Beginning of a Hero right now. I’m so bad at picking excerpts too. I’ll set it for a May project once I get this convention out of the way and hear more about my Prodigy cover.

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