Progress and Podcasts

Hello my darlings,

It feels like forever since I have made any sort of blog post. Even so, I have blog updates that should be made and there are a lot of things that I am behind on. With that being said, I am in the final two weeks of my semester here at the good ol’ university. So between exams, studying for exams, writing papers, attending concerts, and moving out – I will be posting as often as I can but it probably won’t be very exciting.

I had a free minute this afternoon. And for the first time I got to sit down and actually start WRITING The Hollow Living. That is insane amounts of progress, because up until now it has all be outlining, outlining, outlining (although if the outline is any indication, this book is going to be the most badass). That is all I have had time for! I haven’t even been able to do any good marketing for The Heretic Priest. This is probably the stage of authorship when I start dropping bookmarks in conspicuous places and relying on the goodwill of my friends and neighbors to spread the word and help this whole “promotion” bit along.  There is also a local bookstore or two that I want to talk to about, if not stocking the book (how awesome would that be if they did…) at least putting up release date signs in their windows, keeping a few bookmarks on the counter, or something.

Also, question for you my dears: how do you print your bookmarks? Do you get them printed at somewhere like FedEx (whatever their printing services are called, Kinkos or something like that), or do you print them yourself on cardstock? Is one option better (cheaper?) over the other? I’d love to hear your opinions because as of right now I am narrow of budget and wide of vision.

I have also, in the midst of all this, been toying with the idea of creating a {free} podcast and do things like, aside from talk about my own writing and things like that, interview / promote other indie authors, read excerpts, etc. I can’t decide between doing that or doing YouTube videos (I have done some YouTube videos in the past…) So – poll, do you actually LISTEN to podcasts, or do you think YouTube would be a preferable avenue? Ideally, should I try to master both? Post your opinions in the comment section (that what it’s there for!) or tweet me @Glitzkrieg_King with your ideas.

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “Progress and Podcasts

  1. My bookmarks are homemade. My wife (the graphic artist of the pair) made them in Inkscape and printed them on photo paper. She was originally going to use card stock, but she said the photo paper is shinier.

    For marketing, would continuing to push The Dragon’s Disciples help The Heretic Priest?

    • That is a good idea. And printing them onto photo paper seems to eliminate the problem of having to laminate them (ugh, work).

      In my opinion, any exposure is good exposure, so pushing The Dragon’s Disciples definitely helps The Heretic Priest. Plus, it makes more sense to continue promoting DD, since HP is still in “the shop” and won’t be out until August.

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