Villains, Release Dates, and Publishing

Hello my darlings,

I should be taking notes right this moment, because I am sitting in Greek Civilization class as  I type. But it is impossible to pay attention to this particular lesson.

3 months until The Heretic Priest is released! How exciting is that? I am busy, busy over here. In addition to getting my promotional packages together for the people who so kindly volunteered to give it its first reviews (remember, it’s never too late to jump in!) I have been trying to put in job applications / make wedding plans. Not to mention, The Hollow Living is still sitting in its sprouting idea seed state and Pharun is glaring at me for not giving him enough attention. His revenge is to follow me around talking incessantly, effectively distracting me from everything (i.e. classwork).

Not that I use my imaginary friends as an excuse to stare into space and block out my professor’s words. Nope.

I read an interesting article a few minutes ago where an author made a post about the worst things her villains have ever done. It was pretty fascinating – personally, all of my boys are bastards and I don’t think I could possibly pick ONE thing that they have done that trumps the rest. I would say that Pharun does his nastiest deed ever towards the end of The Heretic Priest … for my ARC readers you probably know what I mean. The rest of you … will just have to wait. *insert dark chuckle*

So what do you think is the worst deed YOUR villain(s) accomplished? Comment here or tweet me about it @Glitzkrieg_King … I am curious!

I have decided that my goal is that I want to own and operate my own publishing company that publishes fantasy / horror and is attached to its own RPG campaign (like a Wizards of the Coast kind of deal). Obviously, this will be some time developing and it will be a long-term goal, and there is one friend in particular I would like to woo to my side as a co-owner, but yeah – what do you guys thinks? I’m thinking company name: Faust Haus. Hahahahahaha! (no). Seriously, I need a better name.

Your most adored,



One thought on “Villains, Release Dates, and Publishing

  1. That’s a great dream. I think more fantasy books should have games associated with them. As for Pharun bugging you, tell him to help with the wedding plans or passing tests so you can get back to him. I’d see threaten like I do with mine, but I don’t think he’d take kindly to that.

    Worst thing my villains have done so far is a tough one. What the Hellfire Elf did to Stiletto is pretty bad and further along the Lich gets a few chances to torture a hero or two. Though, the worst has to be the betrayer in Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.

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