First author interview! Promotional bookmarks, new poll!

Hello my darlings!

Well, it is official! My first author interview is up and running for the world to see! Only when reading back do you realize that your answers are as silly as they come, and one can only hope that they come off as endearing as opposed to … stupid. 😉

Here is a LINK!! 

Other than that, it is business as usual here at the ranch. Just doing some last minute editing and getting everything together. I intend to send off the first ARC’s of The Heretic Priest either tomorrow night or Saturday to those who have already told me they are interested in participating. But it is NOT too late to volunteer and be entered in to win a free (signed!) copy of both The Heretic Priest and The Dragon’s Disciples!

Email me Sunday! Email me Monday! Email me on July 14th! As long as you get to me by August 1st and your review is posted on that date, then everyone will be happy!

Meanwhile, in addition to the editing, I have been working on some bookmarks to send out in the promotional packages that are ALSO part of the reward for volunteering to review an ARC. I wanted to post some progress here and you guys can let me know which ones you like the best. I’m quite proud of them, so far. More to follow. Also, if you have any suggestions for quotes to go on the back PLEASE post them in the comments! All of my favourite quotes come from Pharun. And he can’t be on everything. 😉

bookmark1 pharaunedit2.jpg  bookmark1real

        Bookmark 1                                           Bookmark 2                              Bookmark 3

websiteheader.jpg   websiteheader2

                              Bookmark 4                                                                           Bookmark 5

Before I go, I will also leave you with this poll. It was sprung from the realization that The Heretic Priest is almost half the size of The Dragon’s Disciples and that intimidates me. But then, Dragon’s Disciples is roughly 141,521 some-odd words, while The Heretic Priest is up there in the 70,000’s. I know that it’s kind of pushing it when it comes to “novel” length, but with these last edits it might change. I haven’t checked the word count since I finished the first draft. My question is … when you read novels (any novel, really, but fantasy in particular) do you prefer longer ones, with fewer in a series, or do you prefer an abundant series of quick reads? Let me know, because I am curious! I’m so terrified of the reception my baby is going to receive.

Your most adored,



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