Inner Turmoil for The Sequel

Hello my darlings,

Editing is boring, boring, boring. But I want to get in some final edits before I send the copies of Heretic Priest out to be reviewed this Friday/Saturday. Once I get that done, it is out of my hands and I figure it will be time to start writing on The Hollow Living. 

Does anyone else get the Second Novel willies? Like … do your legs start shaking, and beads of sweat start appearing on your brow because you are afraid that the sequel won’t have as nice of a reception as the first one? Do you fear that failure, or am I the only one?

Your most adored,


One thought on “Inner Turmoil for The Sequel

  1. It does have a sense of nerve-wracking fear because you’ve set a standard and have to worry about continuity with the first book. The fear of success dims as you move on in a series, but that continuity issue really drives one nuts once you hit the third book. I recommend taking notes or re-reading the earlier books to prep for a new one in a series. Helps me get my mind back into the world.

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