The Heretic Priest – FREE Signed Copy Opportunity!

Hello my darlings!

Are you interested in providing some of the first reviews for The Heretic Priest? Want to be part of the take-off for one of the most epic sequels in history?

Well then you are in luck!

I agree to: send YOU an ARC of The Heretic Priest in either .EPUB, .MOBI, or .PDF format.

YOU agree to: read it and provide an honest review of The Heretic Priest on Goodreads and Amazon (as well as wherever else may be applicable in that time) on the day of its release (as of right now, August 1st).

WHAT DO YOU GET?:  The first three applicants will receive a SIGNED paperback copy of The Heretic Priest in their actual, physical mailbox that I will send off as soon as the reviews are posted. ONE of those lucky three applicants will be chosen (by a random generator, not me) to receive signed paperback copies of The Heretic Priest AND The Dragon’s Disciples! Other applicants after the first three will receive a promotional goody package in their actual, physical mailbox. Plus, of course, you are free to keep your digital copy for your e-reader.

What happens if I don’t post my review on August 1st?: Then our deal is off, sorry! I will email you during the last week of June to remind you of the due date. If I wake up on August 2nd and notice that the review is not yet posted, then I will email you with a notification.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong and the internet goes bonkers. Don’t be afraid to email me with any questions/concerns! If you email me BEFORE August 1st and let me know that your review will be late due to X circumstance(s), you will no longer be in the running for a signed paperback copy but you will still receive your promotional goody package.

Interested? Email me at glitzkriegking @ yahoo . com !

The best way to keep up with the dates, as well as whatever else is going on in the world of Dragoloth? The best way to keep up is to follow/friend me on…

Twitter: @Glitzkrieg_King




…And of course, you can subscribe to our Newsletter!!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Your most adored,



7 thoughts on “The Heretic Priest – FREE Signed Copy Opportunity!

  1. I’m game for a .pdf copy and August 1st gives me plenty of time to read and write up a review. Will you be sending out reminders before the debut just to be safe? I can set up my own reminder system, but every little bit helps.

    • Sounds awesome! I will send the .pdf to you by the end of the week (Saturday, April 6th). And yes, I will be sending out reminders before the debut, around the end of June. Thank you so much for participating! And just as a reminder, this puts you in the drawing for the signed paperback copies. 🙂

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