The Heretic Priest is finally finished!!


Hello darlings,

The Heretic Priest is finally finished!! Holy Hera, it only took me two years!! The Hollow Living won’t take nearly that long, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Heretic Priest can finally move into its editing stages now. The release date might come sooner than I had anticipated, but we will see for certain in the next few months. I am super excited and I can’t wait to start the plot outlines for The Hollow Living.

Time to go pop the champagne. Huzzah!!

Your most adored,


3 thoughts on “The Heretic Priest is finally finished!!

      • I think one of the benefits of being an author is you can get a little leeway with a book delay if it’s for the sake of quality. I’m not saying take years off, but there does seem to be a little wiggle room.

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