The Heretic Priest – Pre-Ordering Signed Copies

Hello my darlings,

So here is the deal – The Heretic Priest is set to come out August 1st. Don’t miss this chance for a great deal!

Pre-order between now and July 8th and get it SIGNED by yours truly!

Purchase an eBook copy of The Dragon’s Disciples for just .99 cents on Amazon and get 10% off your pre-order for The Heretic Priest. 

Purchase a paperback copy of The Dragon’s Disciples for just $10.99 on Amazon and get 20% off your pre-order for The Heretic Priest!

How can you order? Go to my CONTACT page and shoot me an email. Be sure to put “Pre-order for The Heretic Priest” in the subject line. Be sure to let me know the number of copies you would like, your name as well as your shipping address, and who to make the signature out to. All payments will be made through PayPal, copies will run about $11.00 (unless one of the aforementioned discounts apply).

It’s going to an epic adventure, so don’t hestitate!

Your most adored,


3 thoughts on “The Heretic Priest – Pre-Ordering Signed Copies

  1. If one orders the eBook of The Dragon’s Disciples then they get the paperback of The Heretic Priest? I’m a little confused on how that deal works since I was going to get The Dragon’s Disciples once I get a Kindle next month.

    • There was a part I meant to put in there, but I was in a hurry when I wrote it so thank you for reminding me! The way I intend for the deal is to work out is that say you are interested in a copy of The Heretic Priest. When you shoot me an email saying that you want to pre-order, if you also send just a screenshot of your receipt from Amazon that says you ordered The Dragon’s Disciples (either eBook or paperback) then I will give you 10% or 20% (accordingly) off of the price for The Heretic Priest.

      So say you ordered the eBook of DD, you show me the receipt when you email me about The Heretic Priest and I will dock off 10%. So that means Heretic Priest would be about $9.90 instead of $11.00. Does that make better sense?

      But that is, of course, in the case of a signed paperback copy. The eBook for The Heretic Priest will be out a few weeks after the paperback (just to give it time to maybe sell) and of course can still be signed. Hope that clears some things up!! 🙂

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