Cool New Discovery – eBook Autographs!

Hello my darlings,

So, so, so. Apparently, there is this website called Authorgraph where I can list my eBook(s) and once it is in their directory, you (the reader) can search for it and request that I autograph it! Is that not cool? That is freaking awesome! You should really get me to do it. I am so excited. I want to try it out.

So if you click on THIS LINK then it will take you to where my book is listed and you can just click the button “request authorgraph” and once I sign it, it will be sent directly to your Nook/Kindle/etc (at least through my understanding).

Someone give it a try and let me know how it goes! I am super excited about this. As you can tell. It is almost three in the morning and I need more sleep than I have had.

Your most adored,


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