Goodreads Giveaway Possibly

Hello darlings,

So, as The Heretic Priest draws to a close, I am mustering the courage to host a giveaway on Goodreads. I would probably be able to afford about three to five copies, which is what they recommend anyway. But I don’t know if I want to wait and see some more reviews come rolling in first or if I want to just assume that everyone will be scrambling for it upon release.

Lots of goods things have been happening lately. I have an author interview coming up in the very beginning of April, and aside from that I have 10 – 11 great people who have agreed to read and review The Dragon’s Disciples (which is why I’m wondering if I should wait on their reviews to press on). DD is also going to be featured on a couple other sites, and once the features go up I will of course post them here.

I’m just really, really impatient, mostly. That is the worst part about being so long winded. Your books take a year and a day to get through.

I am much more optimistic, however, than I was when I first started. DD has been received very positive feedback thus far, and I am going to be realistic – I don’t expect every review to be glowing, I know some people are not going to enjoy it. … I just kind of hope that everyone who is currently reading it loves it. I hope they love it a lot.

I suppose time will tell …

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “Goodreads Giveaway Possibly

  1. I highly recommend doing a giveaway–I did 3 copies, but keep in mind some may be outside the U.S. (one of mine went to England). Only one has posted a review so far,but it caused 166 people to add my book to their ‘to read’ pile.

    • That definitely sounds like it would be to my advantage! I will have to remember that when it comes time to release The Heretic Priest.

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