**UPDATE** on Troubling Times… Cy is blessed by the gods

“Based on the information you provided, CreateSpace will continue moving forward with this content.  Thank you for your time.”

Thank the gods of Olympus!!!!!

Hello my darlings,

That is all good, right? That is good news? That means that they realized that it was just a clerical error, or some sort of misunderstanding, and that everything is cool, right? I was so relieved to receive that email just like, half an hour ago. You have no idea. I have been on edge all day. Every time my little phone played its obnoxious “you have a new email” fanfare I wanted to scream, especially when it turned out to be another housing advertisement or just a piece of junk mail.

But now everything is cool, and I feel like I can breathe again and proceed with Heretic Priest without a problem. Oh my stars, how happy I am. I will be much happier all day because of this.

Meanwhile, I wanted to extend a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last forlorn blog post and gave me encouragement and comfort – you are all so awesome, and while I was waiting on this email to arrive your comments helped me to take a deep breath and not panic. 🙂

It wasn’t so much the idea of legal action that scared me, I think it was mostly just the fear that I would have a giant roadblock in the way of sharing Dragoloth with the rest of the world. You all know how badly I want the rest of the world to love Dragoloth as much as I do.

I will definitely be making some offerings tonight. I think I promised individual sacrifices to the gods as well as one giant offering for all of them. And Zeus has stilled the winds (save for a slight pleasant breeze) and Apollo has warmed the earth to the point where I can give my thanks in comfort and peace. The gods are truly wonderful and I am truly blessed. There will be much thanksgiving and rejoicing in the house of Faust.

Oh, and as promised…


It’s Pharun Tuesday! YAY! (That needs to be a thing, too). Sorry if the picture looks a little smushed. I was trying to play with dimensions and … yeah. I don’t need to be on the internet.

Tomorrow will probably be a snippet of The Heretic Priest. So stay tuned. 🙂

Your most adored,



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