Troubling Times…

Hello my darlings,

These are troubling times for Cy… I got an email today from Createspace validation saying that they think my content has been previously published by another company … since the year 2009.

First of all, while I did submit The Dragon’s Disciples to publishing companies in the past, I never received a publication confirmation from any of them. And if I do have some royalties stacked up somewhere… please, feel free to share them with me. I will take them.

But no, seriously. I have only ever self-published before. I made sure to retire all of my previous editions before publishing this year. I thought it might could have been a mistake … perhaps I had forgotten an edition published under a different pen name (it could happen). But then I had never self-published anywhere besides Lulu until I jumped on the Amazon train.

My book has indeed been around since 2008-2009,  but I’m pretty sure that’s when it was written.

And this company they say published my content – Arrow? I’ve never even heard of Arrow. I googled the ISBN and all that came up on it, Amazon, and Goodreads was a book that has content not even remotely affiliated with my characters / plot / genre. So needless to say I am beyond confused and greatly concerned. This is scary, especially to an anxiety-ridden new author who has never had to deal with this kind of thing before. I don’t know what evidence they can expect me to dredge up … the original documents, perhaps? I don’t know. I have several versions.

I don’t know why anyone would post such claims against me. But as I said, I hope it is a misunderstanding. I wrote Amazon back and I hope they will nip this in the bud. If not, I have no idea where it might go but it makes me angry. I feel overwhelmed and like I might cry.

At any rate… yes. That is what is going on. No picture today… I will post one tomorrow.

I just wish they wouldn’t take so long to reply….


Your most adored,



6 thoughts on “Troubling Times…

    • I thought about that as well … and it might still be the case, but the book that matched the ISBN they gave me doesn’t have the same title, the same genre, not even a hint of a character with a similar name … I’m so confused, but I hope it is just an error that can be cleared up with no fuss…

      • If there’s no similarities then it has to be a mistake. Sounds like somebody screwed up the ISBN or typed it in wrong when checking it. Did they give it to you or did you already have one?

  1. If the ISBN doesn’t show any similarities I would contact them again and ask them to clarify explaining your confusion. It’s probably a clerical error. Don’t panic, breathe, it’ll be ok:) It’s probably not as serious as it seems.

  2. I went through something similar years ago while writing for Helium–long story short, they accused me of plagiarism & I went ballistic! (too many details to get into). Long story short, despite all their ‘hoopin-and-hollerin’, they couldn’t take any type of ‘action’ of ‘any’ kind, except closing my account–which I no longer wanted anyway. I moved on, and kept writing. Don’t let this discourage–KEEP WRITING! When I went through all that crap with Helium, as much as I had enjoyed it up until that point. . .I took it as a learning experience, and a sign that it was time for me to move on–and I did, and excelled to even greater heights. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!

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