**WRITING UPDATES** as well as **DRAWING** – Shrukian Mahtrador

Hello darlings!

Before I go into my usual diatribe, it is naked men Thursday! (Is that a thing? Can we make that a thing?) And because he was so kind as to pose for me last night when everyone else was being a little bugger, Crown Prince Shrukian Encarz Mahtrador is the first victim.


Isn’t he a cutie? I did him over in ink and he photographed much better. And look at all that hair … holy Hera I could just eat him up.

But enough of that! I had a question for  you that has kind of been gnawing at my brain lately.

I was wondering about what I could do to further promote my novel while, at the same time, making it cheaper for those of you who would like to purchase it. Because I want my material to be available to as many people as humanly possible. And also, in wake of the fast approaching sequel (the release date being set for August) I was hoping to do some giveaways featuring The Heretic Priest … but the copies from Lulu would be awfully expensive. And while I know one has to spend money to make money (or in this case, promote like a crazy person and reach out to readers) that is a little much to ask of a college student, I think.

So my idea was that I could start binding copies myself. I have the know-how, and the quality wouldn’t be Lulu grade (well, it might could be if I invested enough money into it) but it would allow me to mass-produce and sell copies or MUCH cheaper. The books would also be perfect bound, sewn and glued so it would hold up well. (Production costs would be about five dollars and some change, so I could sell the copies for $6, a great relief from the $15.01 it is currently going for). Naturally this would allow me to do much better with in-person sales, as well as allow me to do more signed copies (because people are just clamoring for my signature :p) as well as let me keep a few copies on hand at any given time. AND it would allow me to host larger giveaways for The Heretic Priest, which would in turn help things out. (I’m sure most of you -all of you – are aware of my presence on Goodreads, which is what all this giveaway talk is about).

So what do you think? (How many parenthetical asides can I stuff into one post?) Mind you that this is NOT in place ofmy traditional self publishing, but rather a SUPPLEMENTto it. This is just another crazy idea I had at one in the morning while taking a break from writing and doing my usual “work”. So, COMMENT and let me know what you think! Am I just wasting my time, or does the idea have merit?

Your most adored,


5 thoughts on “**WRITING UPDATES** as well as **DRAWING** – Shrukian Mahtrador

    • I hope it turns out well! I’ve been having my thoughts about whether I should leave Lulu and place my work on Amazon. I think I would have a much easier time that way…

      • Amazon has a bigger share of the market and it is more ebook centered. Though they have a connection to Createspace for paperbacks, so you can have both. Is it possible to do both sites? Amazon only requires exclusivity if you go KDP Select.

      • I have read that it is possible to do both so long as there are subtle changes (different cover, etc), but I have no problem nixing Lulu if I have to. I’m not sure what KDP select is.

      • KDP Select is their program where they put a bunch of marketing behind you and you can put your book out for free. The catch is that you cannot have your book available on any other site.
        If you do decide to go Amazon then I’ll have one of your first reviews ready. I got slowed up this week, but I’m just over halfway through. Should be 75% done by the end of the weekend.

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