**DRAWING** Encarz Priam Mahtrador

Hello darlings,

I got a new sketchbook! Mark was kind enough to get me the proper pens/pencils/etc that I need to do a little bit of drawing when I’m feeling uninspired. Plus, all of the Mahtradors are attention whores and are screamining “draw me, draw me!” like children who have never had their picture taken before. But I digress. I suppose you want to see the result of this work, eh?


I am sorry the picture quality is so poor. I will have to alter it once I get on a computer not this one (all my editing programs are on the computer at home). But considering I have not picked up a pencil in months, I am quite pleased with how he turned out! Hopefully you will start getting a daily picture. I want to get good enough so that I can illustrate my own novels as well. Wouldn’t that be fun? You will be getting one of these every day until I start running out of sexy vampires to draw.

… Well, even then I guess I could just draw Pharaun a bunch of times. He has no problem plopping down into a series of poses.

Anyway, I am off to do more experimenting. My next project I want to ink in. I was going to ink Encarz in, but with “experiment” being the operative word and seeing as how he turned out so well I didn’t want to ruin him. I will get a better upload before I put him in the gallery, too, don’t worry.

Anyway, more later. For now I will bid you khairete!

Your most adored,



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