**NEW** Cover art!

Hello darlings!

The Dragon’s Disciples got a new makeover! So far it is just the eBook. I haven’t made up my mind whether or not to do the same for the print edition yet. But it is looking snazzy! I am going to link it HERE but for those of you who are tired of my shameless self-promotion (or who have been duped into clicking that link so many times that you just bought the book already) then I will post the image below as well.


Doesn’t it just look so lovely?? Of course, there is a story behind it.

A very good friend made this for me (she does a lot of the digital renderings of my world, and she actually does Photography – check her out!) when the very first edition of the book was released. Of course, I deleted the old editions and created one that was new. But when I went in to release the cleaned up editions I had misplaced the artwork, so I had to go with a different rendition. Just tonight I stumbled across an older, cleaned up version of what she did for me all those years ago, and now here it is! It’s so lovely.

Anyway, I think it looks much more professional this way and will hopefully entice a few more readers. Crossing fingers!

Your most adored,



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