**UPDATES** Updates, and more updates!

Hello my darlings!

Currently Reading: Beginning of a Hero by Charles Yallowitz.

It is spring break for all of us college folk. That is why I have not been as active as I probably should be around here (it’s three hours to the town of my birth). Plus, yesterday was my early celebration of my beloved sister’s birthday. So I have been busy, busy, busy.

But that has not stopped my productivity!

First of all, for everyone who is crazy about Dragoloth (and I know that you guys have to be, it’s an awesome place to live after all) I have created an author’s newsletter to which you can subscribe HERE or you can access the subscription form through your phone by scanning this CODE . The newsletter delivers monthly, with author updates, news on upcoming releases, free giveaways, and of course – anything new that is happening in Dragoloth. So please subscribe and standby! Oh, and did I mention the best part? The first 10 people to susbcribe get a free eBook of The Dragon’s Disciples! That’s right! So if you susbcribe, shoot me either a comment or an email verifying your subscription and your email address that it is associated with and I will send you a copy of The Dragon’s Disciples in EPUB format free!

Speaking of The Dragon’s Disciples (how is that for a segue?) I have added a button to the sidebar of this website to make purchasing a copy temptingly easy. Just glance over to your right (yes, you) right under the Twitter updates log and you will see the two sections that look like this:


The first button is the “Send to iPad” button, which will (according to the desription) making it easier to get the book to your phone or iPad. I haven’t tried this yet (as I don’t have any Mac products to test it). So when you go to buy The Dragon’s Disciples for your phone or iPad and you click this button to use it, let me know how it works. Leave a comment! If it doesn’t work out too well, then you can always click THIS LINK or go to THIS PAGE to make your purchase.

The second button under that is another link to our aforementioned NEWSLETTER subscription. The only thing I cannot answer is my apparent frequent use of the royal “we”.

The last thing I have for you is that my fiance Mark has started a Tumblr and a Twitter! He is a poet primarily, but he also writes prose. His work is phenomenal (don’t believe me? Read it for yourself!) and he is definitely worth following because, unlike me, he always has something to say! Check out his Tumblr HERE and his twitter is @Mark_T_Shaw .

Wow, that was a lot! Other than all these updates, I am working, working, working on The Heretic Priest, the next installment of the Age of Waking Death series. It has finally hit its halfway mark and now, when I am just getting into it, I go on Spring Break and leave my outline at home (NOOOO!). So I will have to open up the file and go in whichever direction the muses take me. This could be very good or very bad. At any rate, we’re going to find out! Keep an eye out for more updates. I see a free preview on the horizon.

Until later, my darlings!

Your most adored,



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