**ADVICE PLEASE** In other news, eBook updates!

Hello darlings,

Well, here it is! It’s only Tuesday night but I finally have time to write out a decent post. And I actually have something to write about because I have been promoting, promoting, promoting like crazy. I am turning in **that** author, who immediately sends out mass texts about his eBook knowing that out of the hundred he’s going to get about ten to twenty replies. But that’s how it works, yes? And I am very grateful for the people who have taken the time thus far to read / review The Dragon’s Disciples. I sold my first eBook today, and I have sent out a handful of free copies for the sole purpose of collecting reviews to help build a fan base. I figure that the more reviews / ratings I receive the easier my eBook will sell. So hopefully my strategy will not blow up in my face and everyone won’t give a two star rating with a one word review like “Don’t”… haha.

I joke, but it’s what I’m secretly afraid of.

Also, this I’ll Review Yours if You Review Mine exchange is going very well. I am excited (and ‘oft honoured) to have the opportunity to read and review the work of fellow authors. I hope that this continues to the point where my reading list gets barely manageable. That will be the day!

Also, can I get a little help? My book is not new to the market (I have had several editions on and off again for years) but they have all been on Lulu. Since it is an eBook on Lulu.com is it even possible to turn it into an eBook elsewhere? I don’t know much about it so if anyone has some words of wisdom to offer up I would be much obliged.

There is yet more writing to get done tonight and I haven’t started it yet. But the ideas are brewing in my head and the characters are, as always, insatiably chatty.

I will probably give another update later tonight. I will see you then. Khairete!

EDIT: I am editing this post to make a side note. I tried climbing onto Goodreads this week. I set up a new profile after deleting my old one (there is no rejuvenating that which has been decaying since you were fifteen) and I realized that an old print edition of my book (that is no longer for sale and has been retired) is still listed there. Not wanting to cause confusion, I have emailed them asking it to remove it from their listing and post my new edition with me as the author so HOPEFULLY, I will be able to set up an author page soon. They haven’t emailed me back yet. But fingers crossed!

Your most adored,



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