**NEW AND EXCITING** Dragon’s Disciples Out on eBook!!

Hello darlings!

Wow, do my eyes hurt. I had almost forgotten that familiar author’s eye-ache that seems to prevail so mightily after an entire night of cranking out just one more chapter. Or, in my case, just this one last attempt at technology.

Bleeding eyes notwithstanding, I have excellent news! The Dragon’s Disciples is now available for purchase in eBook format! (I don’t think I can link to it enough, I am so enthusiastic. Buy it Here!)

I know what you are thinking –  it’s about time, right? Well, for some reason my crippling anxieties have been holding me back from jumping on the eBook bandwagon (and maybe a rigid traditionalist crumudgeon that rages inside of me at all times). Today was when I decided that, “Gee, ma, everyone else is doing it!” and I realized that it is the most ineffective marketing scheme in the world to try and get new readers to invest almost twenty dollars into an author who is clearly stuck in the early 50’s. So after about three hours of struggling with Lulu and forcing my fiancee to help me with the formatting, I finally conquered it.

Anyway, I am going to go promote and try to contain my excitement. I will be crushed if you don’t buy it. I will retreat to my corner of woe (10 points for reference).

At any rate, I will talk to you darlings later!

Your most adored,


p.s. a shout out to all of my followers (old and new) who have been great with keeping me motivated thus far. I hope I can repay in kind!


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