I’ll Review Yours if You Review Mine!

Hello my darlings!

So, I’m not here to yap about writing progress at the moment (yeah, I know) … mostly because I haven’t made any yet today. (I’m a bad writer). But what I DID want to make a blog post about is my latest offer.

Basically, the title says it all: I will review your novel if you review mine.

How this would work is that you send me a copy of your novel (through email is fine, pdf or whatever file type it happens to be in. If you want to be said me a hard copy because why not then I will send it back or keep it depending upon your preference), and then I will email you a copy of mine. Then a deadline is set (I think two to three weeks is fair) and at the end of that time then I will post a review for your novel on this blog and on the section where you sell your work (Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, etc), along with a rating. But of course, I would expect you to do the same for me, in the same amount of time.

I will strive to make all of my reviews honest, but I promise you I am not a very harsh critic. I am mostly interested in fantasy, science fiction, or horror (since that is generally my genre), but hey – I will read anything! I love all books.

If you’re interested just shoot me an email via my CONTACTS page or, if that doesn’t work, the address is sccarraw @ uncg . edu . Just put in the subject line “Review request” and I will respond posthaste. This sounds like fun to me, I hope it appeals to you as well. I can’t wait to read some of your wonderful work!

Your most adored,



10 thoughts on “I’ll Review Yours if You Review Mine!

  1. Definitely on board with this. Though at this point I’m working on a horror (I primarily write fantasy) but I would love to build a community that would read each others work and put in a honest review.

    • It’s great to already have someone on board with the idea! I hope it helps out writers who, like me, want reviews but are too timid to approach the scary elitist critics that float the internet.

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  3. My novella is sort of allegorical and attempts to be funny – I don’t know if you’d be into that, but I’d read just about anything and would be glad to review yours if mine sounds okay to you.


    • I would be happy to, most certainly! I am just wrapping up another novel that I am reading to review and I would be glad to start in on yours. If you could just give me your email (or shoot me one through my contact page) then we could make the exchange. What file format for Dragon’s Disciples would be preferable to you?

      Thank you for your interest! I can’t wait to dig into your story.

      – Cy

      • Sounds good! My email is 8ec16@queensu.ca, and can be found on my blog as well. Pdf or Word doc works for me. What is your email?

        Let me know whenever you’d like to make the exchange and do reviews 🙂 School is pretty busy for me at the moment anyway!


      • My email is glitzkriegking@yahoo.com , I will go ahead and shoot you an email this week with The Dragon’s Disciples enclosed and you can send me your work, and I will be happy to dig into it as soon as I have reviewed the current book I am reading. I understand how school can be! So if a later time is more convenient just say so. There is no rush!

        – Cy

      • That sounds good – school work shouldn’t get in the way of reading The Dragon’s Disciples, and now that I think about, it sooner is probably better than later in terms of writing the review!

        Would you like a formal review? I haven’t done one before, but given time to research I’m pretty sure I could do it


      • Formal or informal, it does not matter to me so long as it is honest! 😉 Would you prefer one over the other when it comes to your own work?

        – Cy

      • Okay! And no, I don’t have a preference 🙂 I’m really curious to know what people make of what I wrote since its my first novella


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