**PROGRESS** Overcoming Sticky Spots

Music to inspire tonight: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, Would You Be Impressed by Streetlight Manifesto

Hello darlings,

I am taking a small break from my work to update this blog. I am a bit behind on my novel writing. I didn’t get anything done last night (too many distractions, no inspiration). But I actually went through today and jotted down an outline for the next few chapters and it worked like a CHARM. Now that I am knowing what direction I am headed in it is a lot easier to chip away at this current chapter until I am over my sticky spot.

The worst thing about sticky spots is that they are SO sticky that by the time you overcome them, you feel like you are covered in gunk and that it is the worst thing you have ever written. But it is done, and that is what counts. That’s what the editing process is for!

I am 1,500 some odd words in and I intend to write over 4,000 to make up for last night’s slack. Do you guys think that I can do it?

I will be back with more later. I just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Your most adored,


3 thoughts on “**PROGRESS** Overcoming Sticky Spots

  1. Never thought of the sticky spots that way. I’m usually just glad to be done with it and I leave a note to remind me that it needs extra editing. Good luck with the 4,000+ words.

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