Praise Zeus!

I am so tired. You know you are getting old when you look at the clock and your first thought is, “Woohoo! Bedtime! Let’s go!” Further indications of depravity include Dr. Pepper being rendered tasteless and Sour Punch straws tasting like barf (that’s probably why they were seventy-nine cents at Walgreens, dipshit). I have written nothing today even though I had every intention of doing so. And my only consolation is that I am no longer sitting in a sauna. Although that also means I can’t sweat off anymore fat. Woe, woe.

I keep telling myself that I am going to get more done this weekend. Though just because I haven’t written anything new doesn’t mean I have been remiss in my website updates. If you would care to skip over to the World of Dragoloth page, you will see that I have added a handy little list of the succession of kings and emperors from the year like, 1 to present. And as promised, the bios are coming up next. It’s just a devil getting them all in their individual documents, then converting them to PDFs, updating the names and information … the list goes on. My computer rage quit on me last night by overheating and passing out at about 1 in the morning before I could get any adequate work done. That is an excuse, right?

I wonder if that would work for my homework. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t write my paper because my laptop rage quit on me last night and libraries are against my religion. Praise Apollo!”

Although it seems to me that Apollo would be a bigger advocate of libraries than say, Zeus. I feel like Apollo would be like, “Novels and poems, blessed be!” and Zeus would be that guy who is just like, “What the hell is a novel? Sexytime!” So maybe when I say libraries are against my religion I should just tack on a “praise Zeus!” at the end.

I just monologued as if that whole thing made sense.

And I am just procrastinating further. I admit it, I have a problem. I most sincerely am procrastinating because bios are work, as is reading Henry IV for Shakespeare class and Aquinas for Philosophy. Can I just go to bed and forget that any world other than Dragoloth exists? Thank you please.

On the upsde, my characters have been a lot more agreeable today – even Pharaun, who has been following me around but has been fairly tolerable. That is a true divine miracle.

All right, I am going now to see if I can squeeze in a few more bios and maybe get some posted. But I am not making any promises.

OH, and a side note. Once more I am THANKING all of my new followers who are amazing. And if you read my blog but don’t follow me, that is awesome too. (as long as you buy my novel ;)) Plus, if you like one of my pages or my blog posts I kind of instantly follow you in a fit of reciprocity. So if you most emphatically DO NOT want me to follow you, then drop me a line to tell me as much. Or, hell, just drop me a line anyway. I like getting emails/comments. They make me feel special.

Or how about this. For every comment I will make Pharaun do an exotic dance in full traditional garb. Gauzy veil and all. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

Your most adored,


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