Hello darlings,

Wow! Thank you, everyone who has followed me in the past couple of days. If I didn’t follow you first then I will most definitely return the favour.

I have class in an hour and a half and I am trying to get some writing done, but the internet keeps distracting me. The project I am working on now I can’t tell if I want it to be a short story or a novel. It definitely has novel potential, and it is on a subject that I have been wanting to write for for some time now … but I feel like I need to finish the Age of Waking Death series before I start on anything new.

It feels nice, though, to not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and scrounge for inspiration. Spring seems to make my boys really active, and they tend to hover and talk (and be in general very annoying) until you write for them. Shrukian and Pharaun (or Pharun, as readers of Dragon’s Disciples might know him) are the worst culprits. Neither of them wants to shut up but neither likes the other overly much. Meanwhile I am trying to determine who deserves the most attention.

Long story short, if you are a writer, never give your characters a personality. They will grab it and run.

I will give further updates later. Thank you again, my lovely followers, and if you have not checked out my novel yet then feel free to do so!!

Your most adored,



3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. This is just my personal take on multiple projects, but it doesn’t hurt to take a few hours or a weekend to outline a fresh idea before going back to the current idea. As for characters running with their personality, I let them, but I teach them that there are consequences for their actions. Most of them have learned to behave.

    • I will have to try that, getting organized certainly would not hurt anything – especially since the current generation has started reproducing again and that tends to muddy the inspiration pool.

      Teach me your ways! They are immune to most discipline. I can’t decide if I like them better that way or not.

      • I’m borderline O.C.D. with my writing organization and it got to the point where I was organizing more than writing. This is why I use weekdays for the novels/novellas and weekends for outlining and character design.
        Disciplining is a challenge and their trouble-making probably part of their charm. Honestly, I simply had my characters either get hurt, cursed, embarrassed, or something happen to them that doesn’t take them out of action. If they’re going to run amok then it’s best to let them do it in a dangerous world. That’s what healing spells and potions are for. Though, I will admit that some never learn and then you simply have to accept that they’re going to be pains. They’re like real children in some ways and you have to teach them right and wrong.
        Or create an enforce character that keeps the others in line for you.

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