GREAT News!!!

Hello darlings!

This is a small update following the one I already made today, but I couldn’t help myself. I just hopped on to Lulu where my novel is being sold and it turns that I have sold enough copies so far to get my first paycheck!

I’m not J.K. Rowling yet, but that means I have sold at least 5 copies with the way the revenue is set up. It’s a start, and it makes me happy knowing that there are people out there enjoying the world I have striven to bring to life!

I hope the rest of you can say the same soon enough! Go check out The Dragon’s Disciples, if you haven’t already! And thank you for your support.

Also, I meant to do this earlier – I wanted to say thank you to the followers of this blog I have gained in the past couple days. You guys rock and your support is fantastic! I hope you enjoy kicking around my world as much as I do!

Your most adored,



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