**UPDATES** on the Latest

Hello my darlings,

As promised, I have begun the process of uploading my copious piles of short stories, poems, and plays to this website! Naturally, I haven’t had to time to upload all of my desired content as of yet. But that doesn’t mean you will be in any way lacking – especially with a selection of 23 short stories to choose from!

More is to come, especially in the World of Dragoloth section that I haven’t had time to figure out how to conquer just yet. But rest assured, once I have waded through the stacks of biographies, maps, and language notes that I have before me – all of it will find its way here. Following my blog is the best way to get updates when new content is posted!

So, once again, please – feel free to read and enjoy yourselves here! Feel free to comment, email me, or just keep your pleasure to yourself.

Also, you can follow me on twitter! @Glitzkrieg_King

I hope you enjoy. More updates to come!

Your most adored,



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